Des murs à votre image

What is Concept Street? We invite you to call on well-known artists in the world of Street Art and Pop Art to decorate your facades, walls, trucks, etc. Whether we’re talking about the artist, the technique used (painting or graffiti), the content (theme), it’s up to you! We want to bring out your identity on the work: share with us your values and your vision, so the artist can offer you a tailor-made rendering that reflects your state of mind. Together, we can color the corporate world, make it more alive, more dynamic… in your image

Une performance sous vos yeux

! Concept Street is also an opportunity to group your employees around a unique event. Our artists perform before your eyes at a cocktail party or afterwork organized by you. Because Art also serves to bring us c

De l'Art en ville

loser together. In a logic of beautifying the city, we also propose to communities to turn to IXIart Events to organize citizen events during which our artists reinvent urban decoration. Here too, we adapt to your vision in order to provide you with a tailor-made service.

La dernière décoration urbaine de Snake pour la salle de sport Léo Lagrange

A strong man who represents the identity of the Léo Lagrange gym. The values of the room are indicated in the character’s body. This mural can be found in the neighborhood adjacent to the gym. A unique communication!

Votre projet en 4 étapes
Visit your establishment to assess the surface and define a suitable theme.
We choose an artist for your project based on your theme and your needs.
We make a quote based on your service criteria.
All you have to do is invite your employees to come and watch the artist’s performance on D-Day.
Les avantages du Concept Street

1. Communicate

Concept Street is an effective and innovative way to communicate. If advertising annoys people, a beautiful work on a wall will always attract the eyes… and the curious!


2. Beautify

Beautifying your city, your neighbourhood, your building is also a responsible company. Thanks to our renowned street artists, you are guaranteed to have a quality service, adapted to your vision.


3. Innovate

Enjoy a totally innovative concept. Concept Street combines beauty, communication, investment and group spirit. You’re going to make jealous…

concept _street_together


What could be better than a common vision to get everyone to agree? Your employees will be proud to wear the colours of a dynamic company. A little more: the event created during the artistic performance will allow your employees to share a moment of conviviality.


5. Invest

Art for businesses is exempt from taxes. This also applies to Concept Street.