Exposition d'art ``Hope``

Together with our partner artist San Drine, we decided to put art in the spotlight!
The HOPE exhibition is above all a message of hope, you only have to see the works of art presented to understand it. Hopefully, we want to give hope to the association Léa, which has been fighting since 2012 to improve the conditions of sick children and support their parents. A portion of the profits made on art sales will be returned to them.


Laurent Durrey – Krystel Schmidt – Jean-Michel Gnidzaz – Lucile Callegari – Anthony Hunyh – Marie-France Ramus de Coste – Muriel Matt – San Drine – Françoise Goirand – Djo – David Debenest – Gérard Casse – Jean-François André – Bernard Lambot – Henri Iglesis


The works are presented at the Domaine de Raba from June 29 to July 7. In addition to the highlights, the exhibition is free and open to the general public all day long.

MERCREDI 3 JULY: Artistic workshop for children to support the association Leah – Booking on – 25

MERCREDI 3 JULY TO SATURDAY, JULY 6: Concert night every night.

SUNDAY, JULY 7: Brunch with the artists.