IXIart Gallery, the gallery that breaks codes…

Initially, we are an art gallery located in Toulouse. However, we love events and believe that a gallery must live beyond its walls. Our decision was quickly made: IXIart Events will see the light of day. Since then, we have used this brand to present the gallery’s events and festivals where we honour our artists.

IXIart Gallery offers you to discover our favorites Pop Art and Street Art. It is in our image: atypical, quirky, joyful and colorful. The gallery is still very young since it was created in July 2017. However, today we have more than forty permanent artists from all walks of life. But IXIart Gallery is not limited to this definition… We have multiple ambitions and beliefs that drive us to reinvent ourselves every day.

Nouvel Art

For the founder of the gallery, in the age of digitalization and globalization, it is time to imagine art differently: “People love art, there are enthusiasts as well as collectors, we must make art accessible to all. We are left out by the galleries that are overpriced. We must give artists the chance at any level, regardless of their age. It is needed for all tastes and for all wallets.” We are talking about New Art: Art for all, accessible everywh

Pop Art

ere! Thanks to its mind-blowing colours and amazing shapes, Pop Art often arouses joy and motivation. It’s a bit like seeing reality through a colorful prism. From Jean-Michel Gnidzaz to Anthony Hernandez to Olivier Vincent, IXIart Gallery offers a complete and quirky panorama of Pop Art today and tomorrow.

Street Art

Street Art doesn’t just exist on the street. It also reveals itself by reinventing itself on canvases, sculptures or indoors, always with the objective of shocking, to make people think, to denounce… Madness mixed with very particular techniques, street art at IXIart offers a new panorama. Thanks to Snake, SpiKtri and all our other permanent artists who are the forerunners of Street Art in the gallery.