IXIart Events is art that moves…

Who doesn’t remember a key moment in which art and culture played an important role? At first, art surprised us when we mixed red and blue for the first time. Then he made us proud when we gave this handmade gift. Finally, he taught us perseverance every time we tried to achieve perfection. He touched us, sensitized us to a story that belongs only to us. It is an observation, art is present in our lives. Thanks to him we see things differently and we evolve in our individuality. It makes us unique.

Finally, art is not limited to one field. That’s why IXIart Events organizes a multitude of events combining art and automobiles, music, childhood, cooking, fashion, sports and much more! We believe that in 2019, a gallery must live beyond its walls.

IXIart Events offers extraordinary events, swinging festivals, colorful streets and buildings for a more beautiful world. IXIart Events is art on a daily basis!

Events Gallery

IXIart Events highlights the original and quirky events of IXIart Gallery. These events embrace diverse worlds such as automotive, gastronomy, fashion, and more!


Because at IXIart, we think that music is also an art form, we organize music and artistic festivals. We highlight the artists for several days by alternating evenings and open houses to the delight of your eyes and ea

Concept Street

rs. We offer corporate events across Concept Street. We put our artists at your disposal to decorate your facades and walls in your image. These bespoke works will be made before your eyes at a privatized event.