Décollage Immédiat

It’s time to catch up with the stars and put the gum on. Conquer art at Radisson Blu Toulouse Airport. We all know that art is capable of making people dream far beyond our own imagination. At our “Immediate Takeoff” opening, we stage this idea. When we talk about imagination, we often say “have your head in the clouds,” “be somewhere else,” “go,” “take off,” “without limits.” This evening will be a metaphor for the beginning towards the dream. Just a metaphor or a daydream? It will be up to you to decide…

Come and discover our permanent exhibition with the presence of our artists (AMG-CO, Nicolas Faussereau, Georges Chabbat) and our guest of honor, Williams Raynaud who will perform a colorful livepainting. These artists were chosen to illustrate the imagination as they perceive it. If one has his head in the stars, another, will prefer to leave his mark on earth. When one imagines silver furniture, the other uses aviation to take off. And you, what is your imagination made of?

Because take-off can also be a simple desire elsewhere, an exhibition of the latest BMWs will be held thanks to our partner Pelras BMW. Finally, you will discover our works of art to the rhythm of a cosmic Set mixed by DJ Galliano.


March 14

  • 7p: Welcome to guests.
  • 7:30 p.m.: Livepainting begins and the exhibition is discovered.
  • 8pm: Cocktail.
  • 8:30 p.m.: End of livepainting.
  • 9pm: You can enjoy a meal in the famous restaurants around: “La Vie en Rose” or “L’Ecrin”.